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Labelbooking is the online reservation system of Scouting Labelterreinen in the Netherlands. All participating campsites have their own reservation form here where you can make a reservation quest to come camping with your (Scouting) group.

Available terrains

Eerde Scoutingkampeerterrein

Welkom op Eerde! In het bosrijke gebied ten zuidoosten van Ommen ligt het oudste labelterrein van Scouting Nederland, Eerde. Scouting kampeerterrein Eerde is een van de weinige terreinen in Nederland waar je nog heerlijk primitief kunt kamperen. Op dit kleine rustige terrein zijn weinig voorzieningen en dat heeft juist zijn charme. Het terrein is gelegen in een prachtige omgeving waar je nog echt van de natuur kunt genieten. Het Landgoed Eerde is beschermd natuurgebied, in beheer bij de Vereniging tot behoud van Natuurmonumenten. In de omgeving kun je uitstekend wandelen, en fietsen. In de Regge kun je zwemmen, vlotvaren en kanovaren. Iets verderop gelegen vind je de heidevelden van de Lemelerberg en de zandverstuiving de Sahara.

Scoutcentrum Buitenzorg

Located deep in the heart of the Vuursche forest, in the centre of the Netherlands, Buitenzorg has been welcoming Scouts & Guides from all over the world since 1949. With over 12 hectares of grounds and plenty of pioneering poles, team games and challenges can be enjoyed in abundance. Evenings are spent round campfires; with the largest seating up to 1,000 people. It is important to us that Buitenzorg is a place for Scouts to play and explore, with attention to nature. As a guest at Buitenzorg, you notice this in several ways. Since 2019, we have joined a worldwide network of Scout centers that carry the SCENES seal of approval.

Scoutcentrum Rotterdam

Scoutcentrum Rotterdam is the perfect destination for scouts and outdoor enthusiasts looking for an exciting and unforgettable experience. Located in nature and close to Rotterdam, our center offers a wide range of facilities and activities suitable for all ages and interests. Whether you want to camp outdoors, challenge yourself on our grounds or explore the city with your group, Scoutcentrum Rotterdam has something for everyone. With easy access to public transportation and nearby attractions such as Blijdorp Zoo and the Euromast, Scoutcentrum Rotterdam is the ideal base for your next scouting adventure. Contact us today to learn more about our grounds, and start planning your trip to the most fun scouting destination in the Netherlands!

Scouting kampeereiland Jisp

Scouting Camping Island Jisp is located in the Wormer- and Jisperveld, a natura 2000 area. It is a peat island (the ground springs!), in summer you camp among the reeds. The island has boats to transport yourself. It is a small-scale camping island for up to 50 campers. Showers, canoes, rowing boats and tables/chairs are included in the camping fees.

Scouting labelterrein Spelderholt

Between Ede, Arnhem and Apeldoorn lies Hoenderloo. In the forest of the same name lies: “Spelderholt”. This terrain is very suitable for ultimate camping. Scouting campsite Spelderholt is part of scouting Labelterreinen and is located on the edge of the forest of the same name. The terrain is ideally suited for ultimate camping. It is a primitive terrain with two cranes in an amazingly beautiful forest. 'Spelderholt' is 14 ha large and divided into seven group sites, of which a maximum of 5 or 6 (depending on the size of the groups) are occupied per week. Due to deciduous and coniferous vegetation and differences in height in the terrain, each group has its privacy. Team Spelderholt is happy to assist you in the success of your weekend or summer camp:

Scouting Labelterrein Staelduin

In the middle of Westland, close to the beach & sea, you will find our 4Ha site with 11 camping fields and modern sanitary facilities. The fields are suitable for groups ranging in size from a few to over 100 people. The fields are free and enclosed by trees and bushes. A fire-ton for campfire or primitive cooking can be used on the fields, it can be borrowed from us. In addition, we offer facilities such as pioneer poles, luggage cart, etc. If you are looking for something that is not listed here, please feel free to contact us.

Scoutingkampeerterrein de Malpiesche Bergen

Het labelterrein ligt in de buurt van Valkenswaard vlakbij de Belgische grens en is een van de weinige primitieve kampeerterreinen van Nederland. Wij bieden hier de meest natuurlijke vorm van kamperen aan, zonder toiletgebouwen of elektriciteit, in de prachtige Brabantse bossen. Het kampeerterrein bestaat uit 7 groepsterreinen verdeeld over 2 locaties (Teutenheuvels en Kempenland) in de directe omgeving van Borkel en Schaft.

Scoutingkampeerterrein Het Naaldenveld

A unique campsite for Scouting, in the middel of the forest. Near Haarlem, Amsterdam and near the dunes and the beach of Zandvoort. This campsite is the property of Scouting Netherlands and is run by volunteers. 'Labelterrein' is the hallmark of Scouting Netherlands. Campsites that are 'labelterrein' conform to the guidelines of Scouting Netherlands and support camping for Scouts.

Scoutingkampeerterrein St. Walrick

St. Walrick lies in the middle of a nature reserve known as the "Hatertse and Overasseltse Vennen". With twenty-six different sized camp-sites it can accommodate groupsranging one or two, up to more than a hundred campers. There are wooded camp-sites and also sites on open fields, either centrally located or more isolated. Most camp-sites have campfire places, we have sufficient pioneer wood available and there are special sites for scouting families. Camp staff is present during the holiday season and there is a (Scout)shop on site. We wish you a pleasant stay on our beautiful camp-site.

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